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  • Resetting Expectations
    A Birthday Party Story Picture this. Your daughter has a birthday party coming up. Their 3rd birthday, and you want to make it as special as possible. To prepare, you plan a month in advance for this birthday party. You … Read more
  • Habit Reflections
    I have been doing a study lately, called "Habits" by Life Church, on the YouVersion Bible app. Habits Devotional Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Though it is a short, well written devotional, it is so convicting! A sword of … Read more
    Yes, this post is just for the ladies, so if you're not a lady, click out now. Thanks! Photo by Atul Choudhary on PMS Guess what time of the month it is? Not quite that, but the grr factor … Read more
  • Call to Action: Use Your Voice
    My Voice So I realized something today. I haven't been using my voice. I have been letting my insecurities and doubts and fears keep me from sharing my heart and letting my voice be heard; not letting my light shine, … Read more
  • New Year, New Hope
    Goodbye 2019! I don't know about you, but I am glad 2019 is over! Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all bad, but has been a huge struggle for me. This year, I published my first book (The Miscarriage … Read more
  • Book Release Party ~ Reflections
    Hooray! My first ever book release party is in the books! Thank you Erin for helping me set up my display!! It looked great!! Thank You First, I want to give a special thank you and shout out to Eric … Read more
  • Challenge to Live by Faith
    Too many times, we are running away in fear, when we have just the sword in our hand we need to claim victory over sin, death, and the Devil. Stand firm in your faith in Jesus Christ, and don't look … Read more
  • Number Your Days: Use Your Time Wisely
    I wanted to share a recent insight I learned from my devotional reading today. Frequently, I use the free Bible app, since it has devotionals and other easy to use features that enhance my Bible reading time and understanding. Today, … Read more
  • Speechless to Help
    I am writing tonight with no agenda, no hidden meaning, just writing to write. I am speechless. You may ask why that is, and I'll tell you. Too much emotional stress paralyzes our speech. It is so hard for me … Read more
  • Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back
    Most of my life, I have been afraid of something or someone. Now, I know there is a name for this…anxiety. Fear has held me captive far too many times. I am so afraid of failure, disappointment, danger, or worse … Read more
  • The Fiercest Faith for Family
    "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins."1 Peter 4:8 ESV If this is true, and it is God's truth, why aren't more families living this out? Why aren't more families restored, rather than … Read more
  • A World Without Jesus…
    Have you ever imagined a world without Jesus? Not Him, not His Word, not His Holy Spirit, and not His Heavenly Father? Have you really taken time to ponder what all would be missing? I can tell you this much, … Read more
  • To Fear or Not to Fear…
    Are you tired of drowning in fear? Fear of anything…of dying, losing the ones you love, being broke financially, and of countless other things? Read on, and break the cycle of fear! You are not alone. Many, many people, including … Read more
  • Why Keep it to Yourself?
    Are you one of those people that hold in your emotions or what you're really going through? Do you even make yourself stressed beyond belief, and sometimes physically ill or have headaches, etc.? You're not alone. So many times in … Read more
  • Just Do It!
    Do you find yourself feeling discouraged? Disappointed with life? Worn down and feeling defeated? Are you tired of feeling that way? Me too! While working this evening, I was talking to a customer, and was surprised to have them quote … Read more
  • I Won’t Apologize for Being Me…Anymore!
    Do you ever get tired of feeling the need to be someone else? To look, act, or talk a certain way to be accepted? Well I say no more! The mission and theme of this entire blog site is to … Read more
  • My Mission of Love
    My mission for this blog is to boldly proclaim the perfect love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through the lens of everyday life.BOLD & Beautiful Photo by Pixabay on "Love is patient, love is kind. It does … Read more
  • The Pursuit of Significance and Success
    If you could be anyone in the world – past, present, or future – who would you be? What would you accomplish? What legacy would you want to leave behind? Photo by Eunhyuk Ahn on Personally, this pursuit of … Read more
  • The Worry Wheel
    Do you feel like you worry more than you should? Worrying so much that your life feels like it's spinning faster and faster, and you can't seem to slow down? A Night on the Ferris Wheel For those of you … Read more
  • Toxic Relationships
    Are you someone who wonders, "How did I get into this relationship in the first place?" Some relationships are like that, because they are toxic. Recently, I have been observing current and past relationships in which one spouse dominates the … Read more
  • Pressing into the Stress
    If you couldn't tell by my previous two posts, stress must be the theme lately. Is anyone else feeling the pressure of the impending school year inevitably approaching? Photo by Pixabay on Rowdy kids, who are tired of being … Read more
  • Trapped in a Bottle
    Do you ever feel like you are a shaken pop bottle, about to explode? I mean, so crammed full of emotion, you are about to burst? So many times, it begins with one main stress. This stress could be anything … Read more
  • Stress Management, God’s Way
    Photo by Pixabay on Are you stressed? Are you stressed about being stressed out? You're not alone. Everyone experiences stress many times throughout their lives. However, it is how we manage our stress that makes the biggest impact on … Read more
  • The Value of Kindness
    For those of you with more than one child, have you ever wondered if your kids will ever stop fighting? Will there be a day when they no longer compete over who is the best or who deserves the first … Read more