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About Me

Hi, I’m Adrianne Babbitt, a.k.a. BOLD & Beautiful.

I am beautifully and wonderfully made;

I can overcome anything through Christ who strengthens me;

I am perfectly loved by the one and only true God;

I am uniquely designed by my God, my Creator, my Savior.‚Äč

I have five kids (four at home, and one with Jesus) and am married to the most amazing man of God ever!

I love to write as an author, musician, and love to spend time with my family outdoors.

I have a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute, and am about to publish my first book, The Miscarriage Project.

My hope is to inspire others to live BOLD for Christ (Beautiful-Overcomer-Loved-Designed).

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The First Day of School

I don’t know about you, but this momma is having a really hard time today!

Today is my son’s first day of KinderKids, which is also his first time being at school all day.

Most moms I talked to, couldn’t wait for school to start! Not me, at least not today.

There is something about sending your firstborn to school, that is deeply sad. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Yet, I would rather miss him than dread his return.

BOLD & Beautiful

What if?

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Did I prepare him for this?

Did I spend enough time with him?

Will I spend enough time with him now?

Will he make the right friends?

Will he be safe without me?

Will he still love God?

Will he still love me?

Wednesday won’t be much better, because my second born, my daughter, is starting half-day preschool.

This is a big transition year for us, but when is it ever not?

I Don’t Like Change

For those of you who know me well, have probably figured out I don’t like change. I dread change to the point of grieving every time a season changes.

Weather seasons, ages, activities, you name it. People come and go, and I am left with the empty space they left behind.

Yes, this is dramatic, but how God made me.

To value the blessings of the past, but change my focus to joyfully anticipate the blessings of the future.

BOLD & Beautiful
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I pray today is a day of joy for all parents, being thankful God has given you everything you need to parent your child well.

I pray God guides you in this school year to come, when to press in, when to say no, when to drop everything and play.

No guilt, no shame, no regrets, just pressing into the joy of this season and the present.

Reflecting on Blessings

Although I will miss my two oldest kids at school this year, God is blessing me with special time with my two youngest ones. To make up time I worked part-time, while my husband finished his Master’s, that I missed when they were babies.

Despite my sadness today, there is joy. Despite my grieving, there is comfort. Despite the loss of a sweet summer season, I will be here, in the present of today.

I hope you can do the same.

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National Rainbow Baby Day

This is the first time I realized this was a special commemorative day. I knew October was National Miscarriage Awareness Month, but I did not know this day existed, until today.

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Our rainbow baby, is our sweet and spicy, Carolaine.

We lost our precious Timothy, May 2016, and got pregnant with Carolaine a week later!

Talk about not being ready!

But God knew Carolaine would be the perfect addition to our family. Her sweet, loving, sometimes smothering love is so fierce, I am humbled to call her mine.

We lovingly refer to her as “our ninja” because she finds some sort of curious trouble to exploit, as silently as a mouse, in no time flat!

Rainbow Baby

At first, I did not like the term Rainbow Baby.” To me, rainbows signify God’s promise to Noah, not to flood the earth again:

“Then God said to Noah, “Yes, this rainbow is the sign of the covenant I am confirming with all the creatures on earth.”

Genesis 9:17 NLT
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When we miscarried, I felt God had broken His promises to me. Every time I tried to read the Bible, I would get so angry!

I thought God promised to take care of me, to work in my life for my good, to love me!

I drifted away from God.

Although, through this agonizing journey, God has brought good from it, it many ways.

First, our little cutie, what a rainbow she turned out to be, in our lives! I can’t even imagine life without this sweet, little dynamo!

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My New Book

Second, God has lead me to write the soon to be published book, The Miscarriage Project, detailing not just my story, but nine others as well.

Even as it is soon to be published, I have hesitated slightly. The gravity of what I am about to share in this book, I have fought the entire time. But God’s will prevails.

I am happy to say the response to the book has been humbling. Even the professionals reading this book, at the publishing house, have been touched by its message and depth.

Stay tuned for The Miscarriage Project’s debut and thank you for your support and encouragement for its publication!! I couldn’t have done it alone.